Birthday Place of Daniel David Palmer and D.D. Palmer Park

Birthday Place of Daniel David Palmer and D.D. Palmer Park2017-12-06T13:07:06+00:00

Daniel David (D.D.) Palmer was born in Port Perry, Ontario, Canada, on March 7, 1845. The small town is located on Lake Scugog, northeast of  Toronto. To honor their native son, the town of Port Perry dedicated Palmer Memorial Park at a ceremony that 1,500 townspeople and chiropractors witnessed in a drenching rainstorm on July 28, 1938. Here’s a link to Google Maps.

In September 1946, a massive bronze bust of D.D. Palmer was unveiled in the town. D.D.’s grandson, David Palmer, visited Port Perry in August 1961 and purchased the house on Old Simcoe Street believed to be the birthplace of D.D. Palmer. Since that time, it has served as a museum known as the Palmer House.

The following pictures are of D.D. Palmer Park, located in Port Perry, Ontario.


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