My name is Eugene Cooke and I have been a patient of Dr. Andrew’s for approximately two years. I have a whole host of medical problems including Bipolar, Cardiovascular illness, Diabetes and Gout, along with deteriorating discs in my back and neck. I was in constant pain no matter if I was walking, sitting, or lying down. I was desperate for relief. A friend of mine told me about Dr. Andrew. The solution Medical Doctors offered was pain pills, but because of all the other problems, this was not an option for me.

Upon coming to see Dr. Andrew he told me he could help me. He did not say he could cure me. Being desperate, that was good enough for me.

Staring with pretty intensive treatments, 3 times per week, I gradually started to see an improvement. There were times I would go backwards, but with Dr. Andrew’s encouragement, I continued with my treatments.

Today I am getting one treatment every two weeks to maintain my health. Before treatment I had to stay at home while my wife and family went out. Now I am going out and enjoying life with family and friends! I can sit, walk, sleep, garden, even do a little dancing; all things just two short years ago were virtually impossible!

Dr. Andrew and his staff gave me hope, changed the quality of my life, and I would recommend his clinic to anyone. You just have to have patience, perseverance, and of course, hope.

 Eugene Cook