As any parent would admit it’s never easy when your child is sick. My daughter Emma was born with severe asthma and by the time she turned one year old we knew something just wasn’t right. She began losing weight and was constantly sick with either a cold or flu. She coughed from October to June and sounded very much like a “harp seal” and only got relief during the summer.

We spent a lot of time going back and forth to nutritionists, cardiologists, and allergy/asthma specialists only to be given another prescription. In fact on three separate occasions she was misdiagnosed with pneumonia.

Chiropractic has been our families “Miracle” and I don’t use that term loosely. In three short months that Emma has been seeing Dr. Kristen her cough has virtually disappeared and she has only needed to use her puffers twice in that time compared to four times daily. Our family is now happy and her quality of life has improved drastically. It is great to see Emma exercise without coughing and do what other children her age are doing with ease.

I am now telling everyone I know about chiropractic and how it has helped my family so others don’t have to go through what we did. You don’t need to just “settle” but you can have the best health you can possibly have.

Sarah Wile (Emma’s mother)
February 28, 2009