Now Available at St. Margaret’s Bay Chiropractic Centre!

Designed and created in conjunction with Signature Supplements in Dartmouth, so that we know exactly what is in your supplements – no fillers, no substitutions and only what you expect with high quality and value.

These are currently available at the clinic or call/email us to arrange shipping at 902-826-1088 or

Click on the links below to read more about each supplement, see the exact ingredients and learn why we choose each ingredient.

  1. Burst of Sunshine – Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)
  2. Turmeric Boost (BCM-95 *TM)
  3. Digestive Boost (Enzyme Support)
  4. Probiotic Power Blend (9 top strains)
  5. Bone Health PLUS (Calcium, Magnesium and more)
  6. Joint Formula PLUS (Glucosamine, MSM and more)
  7. PreNatal Power (Folic acid and more)
  8. Magnesium Glycinate
  9. Stress ReBalancer
  10. Power C Plus
  11. Gluten Boost (specialized enzyme support)  
  12. Deep Sleep Assist
  13. Immune Boost **NEW**
  14. Vitamin D3 Boost **NEW**

There are also links on each product page to Dr. Wanda’s Research Library pages on each supplement to access the published science that goes behind each and every decision in customizing effective products.  Quality, affordability and effectiveness are the three key standards for all of our custom-created supplements and products so you can be assured that there are no “fillers” or substandard ingredients chosen.

All of our formulations are hand-blended in small batches (less than 36 bottles) so we can control the quality and quantity of each capsule most effectively.  You get what is on the label and that is not always the case!  For a complete price list of all our products, just clink HERE:  Price list