Turmeric has been in the news for it’s surprising effectiveness to manage inflammatory issues and arthritis pain.  However, not all turmeric supplementation is the same!  Curcumin is one of the key active ingredients of Turmeric but it is not the only one and research suggests that supplementing with the whole turmeric is better than extracted curcumin alone.

Turmeric is notoriously difficult for the body to absorb and it is also a challenge to get the minimum recommendation of 1 gram per day in our diet.  Turmeric BCM-95 is a patented form of whole turmeric that helps to address this issue by providing a trademarked formula with 700-900% better absorption in human clinical trials.  In addition, it doesn’t require black pepper to be absorbed which can be a sensitivity for some patients.  We added medium chain triglycerides (MCT) to Dr. Wanda’s Wellness – Turmeric Boost which is a fat that encourages absorption as well.  Once again, no fillers, no wheat, no gluten, no diary – just value, quality and effectiveness.

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Here is what one of our amazing 87 year old clients Barbara E. shared: (printed with permission)

“Doctor Andrew suggested I try taking turmeric for my aches and pains.  I started taking it once a day in June [4 months ago] – at first I didn’t notice any change in how I was feeling.  After about 6 weeks I began to sleep better and night as the cramps in my lower legs and feet had just about stopped.  Now its once in a while that I’m bothered with pain and its mostly because I’ve overdone something, like working in the yard too strenuously (and I should know my limitations by now).  But, because I’m feeling so good I tend to overdo it sometimes!  Another wonderful result of taking turmeric is the difference in my fingernails – before they would split and crack and I just couldn’t get them to grow and look nice.  Now I have fingernails that feel and look good.  To sum it all up, I find I am pain free most of the time and the pain I have occasionally is very minimal.”